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Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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Fish and frogs living out of water
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The question now is whether the momentum can be kept going, whether government attempts to distract people from their demands and contain this overwhelming anger will work. When I was in the street yesterday watching citizens direct traffic and later residents come together and organise defence committees I thought to myself that we have come so far it is impossible to go back. But then this regime, with its international backers, has gone beyond the limits of our imaginations so many times, committed egregious act after egregious act and walked away wiping the blood off its hands to live another day. I hope this time is different.
Sarah Carr
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Ammar 404 vs. #zensursula

It is extremely disturbing to see other countries justify their continued censorship because we do it, too. 

Tunisian state secretary Sami Zaoui just announced [link no longer available - but here's a screenshot] that they will keep blocking websites that are "against decency, contain violent elements or incite to hate". When criticised that this is inacceptable in a democracy, he responded: "Wrong! Even the countries that are most evolved when it comes to freedom block terrorist sites"

Of course such measures have nothing to do with terrorism (or child pornography, which happens to be the excuse de rigueur in Europe). They are an excuse to create and maintain a censorship infrastructure. And even if we assume the best intentions on behalf of those who propose such measures, the damage this does to democracy by far exceeds the potential benefits to crime prevention.

I am sad to see the same excuses for Internet censorship brought up again, this time in Tunisia. The same hidden agendas, the same lies. "This is not censorship, we are just blocking criminals."  Well, criminals shouldn't be blocked, they should be prosecuted and judged before we even call them criminals.

Count on it: having an authority that can put you on a blacklist will be abused - especially given the characteristically vague rules for what is verboten. (You can be sure that under Ben Ali, the blogs of Slim Amamou, Astrubal etc. would have been blocked for containing violent elements and inciting to hate!)

I will be following this debate and its results closely. I still remain optimistic at this point. Perhaps the Tunisians will succeed where we failed. But this whole thing certainly is disturbing on several levels.

(Thanks to @Astrubaal @rafik @taziden @smarimc and others for our brief but insightful conversation on the subject.)
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awesome leetness
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Feindsender channels. Tune in.

If you haven't already, subscribe to these twitter-accounts now: wikileaks, rop_g, ioerror, birgittaj, and any account related to Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. Those afraid of listening to Feindsender have lost already. Repost.

Cablegate: Die DEA (Anti-Drogen-Polizei der Amis) hat ...

Cablegate: Die DEA (Anti-Drogen-Polizei der Amis) hat sich zu einem eigenen Geheimdienst gewandelt. Die Highlights, die die New York Times ausgegraben hat, sind ganz wunderbar:
  • In Panama, an urgent BlackBerry message from the president to the American ambassador demanded that the D.E.A. go after his political enemies: “I need help with tapping phones.”
  • In Sierra Leone, a major cocaine-trafficking prosecution was almost upended by the attorney general’s attempt to solicit $2.5 million in bribes.
  • In Guinea, the country’s biggest narcotics kingpin turned out to be the president’s son, and diplomats discovered that before the police destroyed a huge narcotics seizure, the drugs had been replaced by flour.
Da sieht man zwei Dinge: Geheimdienstaufsicht funktioniert nicht, und man muss auch (Noch-)Nicht-Geheimdienste beaufsichtigen. Das BKA ist ja bei uns auf einem ähnlichen Weg, wenn auch nur im Inland bisher.
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if you have free will, then electrons do, too, or, The result of a QM measurement cannot be computed by any function of the entire pre-measurement state of the universe. Informally, the full pre-existing state of the universe does not determine the result of a quantum measurement.
— Jerry
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ex-CIA-Agent: You should follow his example
 Piltz further claimed that the U.S. government as a whole lacked 
effective data protection measures in comparison to Germany
and questioned why the USG does not have a overall federal
data protection commissioner as Germany does. (Comment:
Piltz' remark underscores the importance of ensuring German
officials receive information about USG data protection
policy. The April visit to Berlin by DHS Chief Privacy
Officer Callahan was useful in this regard, but more needs to
be done to ensure German officials understand U.S. data
protection policy. End Comment.)
09BERLIN1167 2009-09-21 08:08




We need to also demonstrate that the U.S. has strong data privacy measures in place so that robust data sharing comes with robust data protections. Murphy

Murphy, Berlin, 10BERLIN128 2010-01-29 06:06

Well Done!

NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.
NASA about to anounce aliens
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